What is Custom?

You are the starting point.

You’ve spent late nights clicking through design sites. You’ve lost hours driving through neighbourhoods you like. If you’re here, you probably have a few ideas about a kitchen built for entertaining, a bedroom built for oversleeping and a view that takes your breath away. Stitching those ideas together in a way that feels natural and flows perfectly is what we do best.

Our bespoke homes are born from seamless collaboration with our clients. From our first meeting to the day you move in, we work as your partner to achieve an incredible vision.

Our Process


We go through a lot of coffee.

It brings everyone together and fuels the creative process. Your input is critical. We’ll ask questions that reflect your needs, desires and lifestyle. We’ll encourage you to create idea books and use online visioning tools. We don’t design one pixel of home until your wish list feels complete. Informed discussion forms the solid foundation on which we build.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This question is one of the most frequent we receive, and it is also one of the few questions we cannot answer very specifically.

Our approach is to look at homes we have built previously that are similar in size and style to your needs and discuss the cost to replicate them.

Eight to ten months in general, depending on complexity.

We’d love to assist you in finding the right land, or we can work with the land you already own. If you are looking to purchase land, be sure to have a builder review it first. We can advise you about costs to make it buildable (i.e. tree clearing, demolition, abatement, geographical challenges) and ensure you’re making a sound investment.

Our Custom Homes

Our gallery may speak for itself, but if not please ask us any questions you may have.