7 Must-Haves for Your Luxury Kitchen

31 May 2023 - Design-Build

No matter where it begins, the party always ends up in the kitchen. That’s why, at Bellamy Homes, we believe in creating luxury kitchens that make you proud to be the host.


Functionality is the foundation of a great kitchen. We start every build by ensuring you have what you need, including everything from the family fridge to an oven capable of roasting that turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. Equipped with the essentials, our CEO and designer-builder Les Bellamy then transforms the utilitarian into the elegant.


What does an elegant kitchen look like in 2023? Here are our seven must-haves that take your luxury kitchen, and cooking, to the next level.

1. Built-in beverage centres

Your friends are over, everyone is laughing and the wine is flowing. With a built-in wine dispenser, you can make sure you always serve wine at the perfect temperature. And, when the party’s over and there’s still a splash left, a high-end wine dispenser keeps your favourite bottle fresh until the next wine night.


Beverage centres are for more than just wine and spirits. Built-in coffee machines are also finding their way into luxury homes across the Okanagan. Perfect for relaxing Sunday mornings or grabbing a quick latte before heading to the office, these coffee machines make café-quality cappuccinos with the touch of a button.

2. Concealed storage and appliances

Elegance and tidiness go hand-in-hand when creating a luxury kitchen. To keep your space entertaining-ready, the walk-in pantry often becomes the home for many of your appliances, like that built-in coffee machine.


But what about the essentials—the refrigerator, cupboards and microwave–that deserve a place in your primary kitchen? Conceal these essentials in beautiful cabinetry. With this popular design trend, you’re free to refocus your guests’ attention without the distracting shine of stainless-steel appliances.

3. Feature-worthy appliances

Of course, not all appliances can be hidden behind cabinets. Turn whatever can’t be concealed into a showpiece. Consider a striking red oven or a copper range hood to captivate your guests and spark conversations.

4. Rollout organization

Creating a clutter-free kitchen is easy with the right design. Instead of deep cabinets that collect cobwebs, today’s luxury kitchens feature rollout drawers to keep your kitchen essentials hidden and organized.

5. Layered light

Lighting is one of the most important–and often overlooked–aspects of building a luxury kitchen. At Bellamy Homes, we start with ambient light. Large windows that open onto the patio are perfect for welcoming as much natural light as possible.


Next, we add task lighting. Consider under-cabinet lights to illuminate your countertops and a stylish feature light above your sink. Complete your layering with a beautiful fixture above the island to keep your guests in the light.

6. Smart features

Smart kitchen features are like your own virtual sous-chef. While they can’t cook for you, they can make you and your kitchen more efficient. Smart technology is constantly evolving, but some of the best additions to your kitchen are:

  • A smart screen for recipes, Netflix and YouTube cooking tutorials
  • Faucets that can turn on without touching the handle
  • A refrigerator with a camera so you always know what’s in your fridge
  • Built-in wireless charging stations

7. Space for your pets

Whether it’s in the walk-in pantry or the corner across from the island, a pullout cabinet complete with a raised food dish and everything your pet needs is the perfect way to complete your design.


Ready to design your dream home and purpose-built luxury kitchen? At Bellamy Homes, we have nearly 30 years of experience building award-winning kitchens. Give us a call at 778-940-7803 or contact us online to get started.