Beyond the Floor Plan: Building a Custom Home for Your Lifestyle

23 Feb 2021 - Design-Build

It’s where you’ll drink your morning coffee with the sun on your arms. It’s a kitchen island with enough counter room for Sunday dinners and each sister’s wine glass. It’s waking up to that spectacular view of Okanagan Lake. When you’re building a custom home, it’s the floor plan that will let you spend every moment just the way you want.

So, how is Kelowna designer-builder Bellamy Homes helping homeowners make their dream lifestyle a reality? Here are just some of the ways we help families make the most of their home through their floor plan.

Create a connection to the outdoors

Here in the Okanagan, we have long celebrated creating spaces that let us simultaneously enjoy guests and the beauty of our surroundings. Floor plans that create a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor living is a must. That way you can entertain or soak up the serenity on your own in different ways throughout the day.

Some popular local examples of indoor-outdoor floor plan options include:

  • Orienting your kitchen, dining area and deck to the view side of your house
  • Installing glass bi-folding doors to surround you with views and sunlight even when you’re indoors.

Set up your kitchen and dining area for your kind of entertaining

Some of us are home chefs and like to host seven-course meals for twelve. Others like good wine and cheese around the kitchen island on a Friday night.

At Bellamy Homes, we spend a lot of time getting an understanding of exactly how you like to entertain, because when it comes to building a custom home, you have the opportunity to create a space that lets you enjoy your unique entertaining style through the flow of the entire space.

Go smaller but meaningful in your spaces for relaxing

Remember when most luxury homes had expansive theatre rooms and 10-foot soaker tubs? The homeowners of today are more mindful of making the best use of their square footage.

Here are some examples of ways people are smart-sizing their recreation areas:

  • Smaller, open multi-purpose living areas that combine screens, game tables and a bar
  • Spacious walk-in showers instead of soaker tubs
  • Serene meditation rooms that open to the outdoors and tranquil private gardens

Make the most of unlikely corners

Depending on the orientation of your home, your primary patio or deck area might not get its sun until later in the day, but who doesn’t love to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning sun? We’ve designed some beautiful little courtyard areas so people can take advantage of sun conditions (or the shade) and their coffee or cocktail, no matter the time of day.

In fact, our award-winning showhome at The Orchards in the lower mission features a courtyard with a front entry sidewalk that looks as if it’s floating over water, and is a part of the reason we were so proud to earn ‘Showhome of the Year’, as well as ‘Builder of the Year’ for the third time (a first in the Okanagan Housing Award‘s 28-year history). We like to think our clients’ trust in our expertise, and our courage and creativity in creating floor plans, has played a part in these achievements.

If you’re in the early stages of imagining floor plans and designs for your new home, read our blog article Building a Custom Home? 7 Questions to Ask Designer-Builders.

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