What is Sem-Custom?

Love at first sight.

In our many years of designing and building custom homes around the Okanagan, we’ve created a library of original and exclusive plans that have been pre-spec’d and pre-priced. This library is the beginning of your semi-custom home.

Does one of our existing homes need just a little bit more… you? No problem. Semi-custom is where the ideas you dream about collide with a plan that seems like it’s been waiting just for you.

Our Process


Let’s get to know one another.

Our library of stunning original plans is vast. With some inspired discussion, we’ll be able to suggest a handful that we think you’ll love. From there, we just need to know what doesn’t feel perfect. Because we designed it in the first place, we can adapt it to suit your needs, style and property in a way that feels seamless.

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Plan discussion

Frequently Asked Questions

Styles come and go, and with almost 30 years of experience we have had the opportunity to work with them all. No matter your style, we ensure it’s complimented with the most current technologies and finishes.

Of course. If they require changes, we can make those, too.

No, no one can. But we can guarantee that you’ll always know if, and by how much, you’re exceeding your initial budget. You’ll always be in control. When we put together an estimate for the construction of your home, some of the numbers are derived from fixed quotes, historical or scientific data, while other numbers can only be estimated.


Our gallery may speak for itself, but if not please ask us any questions you may have.