We are known as Kelowna’s premium custom home builder, but we build anywhere from Oyama to Peachland…. and maybe a bit beyond.

Everything—creation, engineering, permitting, project management, commissioning when complete, handing over the keys and a one-year follow up. Our team can even assist with window coverings and furniture.

We’ve built from the flats of the lake to the steep slopes of our hillsides. We’ve converted unbuildable terrains to stable forever homes. We solve problems that others won’t touch.

Les Bellamy’s father owned an excavation company. On job sites, Les started on clean up, then moved to concrete, then framing, then project management, then design. Today, he designs every Bellamy home and leads every build.

Yes. Let’s make it yours.

Styles come and go, and with almost 30 years of experience we have had the opportunity to work with them all. No matter your style, we ensure it’s complimented with the most current technologies and finishes.

Of course. If they require changes, we can make those, too.

No, no one can. But we can guarantee that you’ll always know if, and by how much, you’re exceeding your initial budget. You’ll always be in control. When we put together an estimate for the construction of your home, some of the numbers are derived from fixed quotes, historical or scientific data, while other numbers can only be estimated.

This question is one of the most frequent we receive, and it is also one of the few questions we cannot answer very specifically.

Our approach is to look at homes we have built previously that are similar in size and style to your needs and discuss the cost to replicate them.

Eight to ten months in general, depending on complexity.

We’d love to assist you in finding the right land, or we can work with the land you already own. If you are looking to purchase land, be sure to have a builder review it first. We can advise you about costs to make it buildable (i.e. tree clearing, demolition, abatement, geographical challenges) and ensure you’re making a sound investment.