Four Things To Know About Working With A Kelowna Custom Home Builder

28 Jul 2022 - Design-Build

You’ve spent evenings scrolling Pinterest and weekends driving through your favourite neighbourhoods to create your list of custom home must-haves. You can already envision your family’s future in your dream retreat, but what’s the path from turning your vision into an actionable design and breaking ground? And what is your role when working with a custom home builder?

At Bellamy Homes, we have a small team dedicated to realizing your vision. And while we handle the design, heavy lifting and paperwork, bringing your dreams to life is all about collaboration.

Before we start drafting, here are four things to know about your role and time investment when working with a custom home builder.

1. How to prepare for your first consultation with a custom home builder

When working with a designer-builder on your first custom home, it can be difficult to know where to start and when you’re ready to reach out. Some clients feel that they need to have the floorplan mind-mapped and a lot ready for development before their first consultation with their custom home builder, but it’s often best to come with only your list of must-haves and an open mind.

Start with function. How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need? Do you want any smart home automation? Do you envision a beautiful rock wall weaving throughout your home and a glass atrium to bring the outdoors in? Knowing these functional details and the architectural style is a great starting point.

Need help finding the perfect lot for your own Tuscan Villa on the shores of Okanagan Lake or a mountain retreat that strikes a balance between easy access to both downtown Kelowna and the slopes at Big White? We’ll even help you find land that fits your vision and your budget.

2. Designing your home, together

As a custom home builder and designer, what’s most important to us is creating a space that’s right for you.

After determining the basics in your initial consultation, we’ll dive deeper together to bring your ideas to life. Les Bellamy, the designer and builder behind Bellamy Homes, works with you to learn more about your lifestyle so we can create the house you can’t wait to call home.

3. Sit back and watch your house come to life

The design is finalized, permits are in place and the team is working to turn paper drawings into a beautiful, one-of-a-kind home. We’ll even go with you to home stores to pick out the perfect lighting and furnishings, and then it’s time for you to put your feet up and relax.

After working with you on every stage of planning throughout your custom home journey, Les shares your vision and knows exactly how to build your dream house, because he designed it himself. There’s no room for interpretation, and with updates from Bellamy Homes throughout the build, you can rest assured knowing exactly what you’ll walk into on moving day.

4. Build your dream Okanagan home, no matter where you are

At Bellamy Homes, our entire process as a custom home builder empowers you to move forward with building your dream Okanagan home remotely. We’re just as comfortable working with clients in Dubai as we are clients in Montréal or Kelowna.

Our thorough design process means you’re free from making constant last-minute decisions to keep the project on track. Before we add insulation, we bring in a photographer to document every single detail of the home. And, with photo updates taken from the same key vantage points, you’re always connected to the construction of your dream home.

Collaboration is key to our success at Bellamy Homes. It’s why we only take on a handful of projects every year and it’s why many of those projects have gone on to win awards. And, for us, there’s nothing better than seeing your face light up when you first step foot into your new Okanagan paradise.

Ready to work with a custom home builder and designer to build the home you’ve always wanted? Reach out to us online or call us at 778-940-7803.