Choosing the Perfect Pool: A Guide to Selecting the Right Design for Your Space

08 Aug 2023 - Design-Build

Whether you dream of a lowered outdoor spa with an infinity edge feeding warm water into a pool that seems to drop into the lake below or a lap pool purpose-built for warm weather training, nothing beats the allure of a Kelowna custom pool design.


The perfect pool always starts with a conversation with your designer-builder. At Bellamy Homes, designer and builder Les Bellamy takes time in person with you to take your dream from concept to concrete. So, what does the custom pool design process look like and what else do you need to consider?


Here’s how Les brings your dream pool to life.

1. Start the custom pool design process early

When it comes to designing a stunning pool, the earlier you get started, the better. While you can convert your backyard into a resort-like haven, designing your pool at the same time as your custom home is the most efficient and cost-effective way to make your dream pool a reality.


Rather than building a pool that fits your backyard, you’re free to work with your designer and builder to bring harmony to your home and outdoor space to create your own Okanagan sanctuary.

2. Decide on a budget

Have the important budget conversation with your designer-builder at the outset so you can work together to create something you’ll love at a price you’re willing to pay.


Depending on your budget, you have two main choices: fibreglass or concrete. Fibreglass pools have come a long way, but they’re no match for the customization and design possibilities of concrete where the only limit is your imagination.

 3. Choose a location

When you envision your dream pool, what do you see? Is it a shallow wading pool with an eye-catching fire installation in the centre of your yard or a quiet and understated amenity hidden from view?


At Bellamy Homes, we love beautiful custom pool designs that are the star of your backyard. We always recommend a location where the pool is the focal point of everything from your kitchen patio to your master bedroom balcony.

 4. Ask yourself how you will use the pool

You’ve started the process early, you’re thinking about your budget and you already know exactly where it should go, but before it’s time to pour the concrete, your designer-builder needs to know more about your lifestyle.


Do you need somewhere to swim laps with a swim jet, or are you just looking for an idyllic spot to cool off with friends on hot summer nights? Do you have kids who would love a diving board, or would you really love a year-round outdoor spa?


If you plan on entertaining, consider a wading pool with an infinity-edge and a suntanning ledge perfect for guests who just want to dip their toes in the water.

5. Think beyond the water

From sleek storage for floaties to building an accessible bathroom that people can use without tracking water droplets through your home, there’s a lot more to a custom pool design than just the pool itself.


Depending on your budget and your preferences, your poolside storage and washroom can be part of a purpose-built walk-out basement or located in a separate pool house.

 6. Let there be light

The light illuminating the water from below at sunset, the warm flicker of flames as you unwind in your own personal spa—lighting plays a critical role in your custom pool design.


From poolside torches to submerged gas burners with flames dancing on the water, bringing fire and water together elevates your design and brings some much-needed light to your pool for late-night entertaining.


When you work with Bellamy Homes on your custom pool design, we take care of everything including permits and geotechnical engineering requirements. All you have to do is sit back and imagine your new life in the water.


Ready to get started on your custom pool design? Les Bellamy has been designing and building exceptional custom homes and pools since 1998. Contact us today to learn more about our award-winning design and construction in Kelowna.