3 Advantages of Hiring a True Designer-Builder

01 May 2019 - News

After years of that dream house in the Okanagan being a ‘someday,’ now you and your partner are going for it. And while you both can’t stop smiling as you imagine the first glass of champagne in your stunning new kitchen, you also know you’ve got a big decision ahead: selecting one of the custom home builders on your list—or, even better, a designer-builder.

As a true design-build firm, Bellamy Homes doesn’t supervise a subcontracted designer’s work and then build those luxury homes. CEO Les Bellamy is the designer (and an award-winning one at that). What does hiring a true designer-builder mean for the construction of your custom home?

1. Cost accuracy

As a designer-builder who started his career as a contractor and still has his boots on the ground at his construction sites, Les Bellamy has an accurate sense of how designs will translate into costs.

Maintaining the initial budget throughout the project is also made easier because solutions are resolved in the design phase, long before construction.

Les also attends every meeting in the design phase as you choose lighting, flooring and appliances to help ensure details are ironed-out early and complement the design. This process guarantees that details are not overlooked on installation day.

2. Every detail of your vision is captured

Your vision for your dream home is everything. At Bellamy Homes, they leave nothing to chance.

Where your ideas could get lost in translation between design and the tradespeople interpreting plans several months later with some custom home builders—with Bellamy Homes, Les is on site with the tradespeople, explaining your vision and ensuring it comes to life just the way you’d imagined.

As the designer-builder behind 31 industry awards, Les has become adept at understanding what clients want to achieve, while bringing his expertise and creativity to the conversation to ensure designs are both unique and practical.

Bellamy Homes also follows a unique process to ensure both you and the trades team have every detail on-hand at any time:

Your home folder via Dropbox contains all your home’s plans and design specifications in organized folders so everyone is always on the same page, from painters to electricians.

Your windows get temporarily decorated with printed design specifications taped to the glass, so tradespeople have a second and easily accessible copy of your home plans and specifications.

All of this gives you incredible peace of mind knowing nothing will be missed and the schedule will stay on track.

3. Commitment to scheduling & stand-out builds

It’s an incredible honour to be selected to design and build a family’s dream home. Les and the Bellamy Home team understand how much every inch of it means to you.

That’s why they only design and build six or seven custom homes a year, ensuring each home is a one-of-a-kind reflection of you and that timelines are met.

As a true design-build firm overseeing each leg of the journey, they’re able to accurately estimate project schedules and ensure the team sticks to them.

Another often-overlooked advantage to hiring a true designer-builder with experience in the Okanagan is understanding how your dream home-site can embrace an often-challenging landscape. Many view and lakefront lots incorporate hillsides, which can present costly slope stability and drainage issues if the terrain isn’t taken into consideration by the designer early on.

Fortunately, at Bellamy Homes, you’re in good hands! Les Bellamy grew up in the Okanagan and has been serving the industry since 1992.

As one of the leading custom home builders in Kelowna, Bellamy Homes promises an
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