West Coast Dream

This stunning home was created for Lori and Mike. Their initial vision was a contemporary West Coast residence that would be welcoming for multigenerational visitors. It was important to them to have plenty of outdoor space for leisure.

Lori and Mike had a dream to retire in the Okanagan. They loved its natural beauty and wished to spend as much time outside enjoying it as possible. A key objective was to maximize their view.

Their main concerns were process-driven. They were building from out of province and wanted to ensure we would stay connected.

While our initial concept drawings were within their budget, Lori and Mike requested something grander. Adjustments were made to allow for a concept that better suited their unique property and focused more on their lifestyle. They revised their budget and were very excited with the new vision.

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  • 1_Entrance-at-Night
  • 20_Upper-Deck
  • 19_Front-View
  • 17_Side-View
  • 18_Lower-Deck-Pan
  • 16_Pergola
  • 13_Gamesroom
  • 14_Upper-Deck
  • 12_Stairwell
  • 11_Master-Ensuite
  • 12_Master-Ensuite
  • 10_MasterEnsuite
  • 8_Kitchen
  • 9_MasterBed
  • 7_Kitchen
  • 6_Kitchen
  • 5_Fireplace
  • 4_Fireplace-Pan
  • 3_Living-Room
  • 2_Fireplacepan