Steve & Lorraine

Location: Trestle Ridge, Upper Mission, Kelowna
Year: 2019

We can't say enough nice things about Bellamy Homes. We hadn't built a home before and having heard the stories about how stressful that experience could be, we were a bit apprehensive, especially since we were living 500 miles away from Kelowna during the build process. Also, I use a wheelchair to get around, so our home would have to be fully wheelchair accessible. Right from our first meeting with Les, there was no stress - he listened to our needs and came up with a great design that addressed all of our wants and my needs for accessibility. At the end of the design process, Les produced a final budget number and schedule, and things progressed on budget and the house was completed on schedule. The team of subcontractors and suppliers that Les has pulled together are second to none - the skill of the workers and the quality of the finished product are amazing - combined with a stunning design, the total package is awesome. When problems did arise during construction, Les was quick to get involved to resolve them and keep us informed - there were a few issues with the City to get occupancy, but Les dealt with them professionally and got them resolved. We've been living here for two months now, and every day we seem to discover another thing that just works well - things we hadn't even thought of that are just right - Les had us covered right from the start. So if you're reading this because you're thinking of building a home and looking for a Design Builder, do yourselves a favour and talk to Les Bellamy. You won't be disappointed.