Designing and Building in Kelowna – with Bellamy Homes

08 May 2018 - Views

Our clients come to Kelowna looking for new, creative housing styles….
They’re smart, progressive-thinkers and are already sold on Kelowna as a great place to be! They appreciate the ‘four seasons’ that we enjoy and the endless charm that our big skies and outstanding views offer. Mountains on the horizon, endless lake views and to top it off, amazing night views of the city lights! I guess you could say, we have it all.

This article isn’t meant as a tourist information blog, but rather to share with you why building a new home in Kelowna is so desirable. That’s our business and the entire Bellamy Homes Team takes it very seriously!

The first step in the home building process is to search out a Builder who can translate the client’s list of needs and wishes into the design of their next home! This home design must not only achieve the best views looking out, but also the best views looking in! In addition, the home needs to accommodate an important desire to entertain guests, while still preserving their private space.

Bellamy Homes is proud to offer both creative design and solid construction. From the initial visit until we turn over the keys, our relationship with our clients is truly a partnership. We listen to our client and then design the home, considering both the exterior and the interior elements. Once the home design is established, we go with our clients to all of the product showrooms to assist them in the many selection decisions that are necessary.

Les Bellamy’s ability to visualize the end result, allows the client to confidently choose the many products and materials needed to harmonize the design and the build process. As he describes it, ‘Before any construction has started, I’ve already completely built the home in my head’. Another important element is that he is able to guide them through the selection process with a full understanding of the budget allotments.

Clients really appreciate knowing, throughout the entire process, where they are in their budget. Their decisions are much clearer and more meaningful in the overall plan. This equation of understanding both design implications and construction realities creates the excellence that Bellamy Homes is so proud of.

Communication is critical between the Client and the Builder. We pride ourselves in our detailed process whereby the chosen products and materials are populated into proper scheduling and budgeting sheets. Clarity is maintained by diligent oversight of the schedule and budget on each project. Our clients appreciate being kept in the loop.

Custom home building is an exciting and stressful time for clients. All of us want the very best results, but sometimes there are hiccups along the way. It’s the professional attitude of Les Bellamy and the entire Bellamy Homes team that ensures that the project is successful. We are a well-respected award-winning Home Builder in Kelowna, dedicated to achieving beautiful, high-performing homes for our clients. We recently won the Customer Satisfaction Award in the British Columbia Canadian Home Builders’ Association, Georgies – and couldn’t be prouder!

But it’s our passion that really pushes us to excel in what we do.