3 Steps To Make The Most Of Your Lot When Designing A Custom Built Home

24 Jun 2021 - Design-Build

You’ve fallen in love with the warmth and vibrance of the community and found a lot nestled amongst Ponderosa pines overlooking an inlet of Okanagan Lake. You can already see yourself drinking wine with the neighbours on a beautiful backyard deck, while the kids are running across the lawn. But how do you ensure your custom built home makes the most of the land?

As custom home designers and builders with decades of experience in the Okanagan, we know how to take advantage of your new lot to build a space you can’t wait to call home.

Here are 3 steps to help you ensure you get the land and the home of your dreams.

1. Ask Your Builder About The Lot

If you haven’t already purchased the lot, ask the designer-builder to take a look at it. Here’s the reason: In the Okanagan, many new subdivisions feature slopes and sections of unbuildable land.

That 130-foot deep lot may offer breathtaking views, but if only 50 feet are buildable, you will want to know that before purchasing the land.

If you have your heart set on a design, a designer-builder can tell you if the lot can accommodate your dream home. There’s a reason many new homes are rancher-style, two-storey walkouts. Building to the topography of your lot saves the expense of flattening the land to meet your design.

2. Visualize The Property With Your Designer-Builder

Once you’ve determined the lot is conducive to your vision, the design work starts.

At Bellamy Homes, we start by looking for any restrictive covenants or easement bylaws that may impact construction of your custom home. By understanding the regulations, we can create a guidepost for your build and select the ideal location on the property for your home.

Once complete, we’ll visit the lot in-person and start to visualize your new home.

3. Capitalize On The Strengths Of Your New Property

Imagine sitting on your deck and enjoying the golden hour of sunlight. Are you drinking coffee or wine? With the stunning inlets that ebb and flow along Okanagan Lake, the direction your balcony is facing can be deceiving. That’s why we start with a sun study and check prevailing winds—so you can catch the sunrise or sunset on your balcony and on your terms.

Don’t have a lot of sun exposure in your location? By focusing on exterior elements that reflect light, such as concrete, you can force ambient light to radiate throughout your home.

You have your light, but what about your view? Lots are getting narrower in the Okanagan, and that means that not every room will have the same spectacular view.

Do you want to wake up in the morning and look past your feet at Okanagan Lake on the horizon with orange streaks in the sky? What about a dining room that opens onto a patio or a hidden steam shower that looks out onto Okanagan Lake without compromising your privacy? When working with your designer on your custom built home, prioritize which rooms will have the best view.

And if your new lot doesn’t have a view overlooking the lake or the valley? Imagine a modern concrete wall behind a beautiful oak tree, or tall glass windows that bring that sheer rock wall into your space as a statement piece. Even with a challenging view, your designer can get creative to make a stunning and inviting space for your custom home.

Learn more about the benefits of hiring a designer-builder to help create your dream home by reading our article 3 Advantages of Hiring a True Designer-Builder.


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